The Wallie Awards are given annually at the CHPRMS Fall Conference to recognize excellence in healthcare public relations and marketing. Members compete in more than a dozen categories and a panel of marketing communications professionals chooses the winners.

History of Awards

The name "Wallie" was chosen in 1978 when the idea of having an annual awards ceremony was first suggested. Copy for a brochure announcing the first competition lifted a line from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass." The line read: "The time has come, the Walrus said . . ." So a walrus became the official mascot of CHPRMS.

Naturally, the mascot needed a name, and since "Oscar" and "Emmy" were already taken, the mascot and the award became known as "Wallie." On formal occasions, he has been referred to as Walter J. Walrus.

The Golden Tusk Awards were added to our awards competition several years ago. They, of course, are named in honor of Wallie's outstanding dental work.

If you have questions about the Wallies, please contact Kari Lutz.

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